A la carte Pricing

These are just a few examples of the products for your website.  There are over 10,000 other products and the list keeps growing as technology progresses.

Standard Web Page

Used for information only
Displays text that you provide
Display up to 3 photos that your provide
Display up to 1 video that your provide

Re-Design of a Standard Web Page
If you have a page that needs to replace a current page, such as changing the title of page and text/photos on page.
This also requires us to change the rounting of the old page to the new page for SEO.



3 Items $175
10 Items $400
Additional Items $75 ea.


Affiliate Program


Front-End (what your affiliates will see)
Users can apply to be affiliates
Users can request multiple accounts (different IDs, different tracking links)
Affiliates can view conversions approved
Affiliates can view commissions earned
Affiliates can view log of traffic they generated
Affiliates can view payment history

Back-End (what you, the site admin, will see)
See all user accounts, approve or reject them
Set the comission per account, independantly (different accounts can have different comissions assigned, percentage or flat rate).
See all account generated traffic
See conversions generated, approve or reject them, set their comission.
You can manually set any comission or number at any point
Get notified by e-mail when users apply for new accounts, or when new conversions are achieved.
Create multiple payouts for multiple comissions for your affiliates, pay them online when you want.



Refreshes content on your website
Each blog post adds another page to your website (unlimited)!
Organized by Categories
Tag each post with keywords
Social Media sharing buttons

Demo     Demo


Display by month or week
Unlimited entries
Can enter text, photos, videos


Contact info for individuals.
Name, Titles, Phone Numbers, Photo.
Each includes a contact form.
Misc. Information.
Unlimited entries.

Demo     Demo


Glossary of listings
Organize any type of directory
Paid or free subscriptions


     Lite   Full
 Unlimited Categories    
 Unlimited Products    
 Unlimited Manufacturers    
 Unlimited Product Images    
 Add to Wishlist    
 Ask a Question    
 Coupons (flat or %)    
 Download PDF info    
 Guest Checkout    
 Printable Invoices    
 Product Reviews    
 Related Products    
 Shipping - Flat    
 Shipping by Price    
 Shipping by Weight    
 Shipping by Quantity    
 Checkout Donate*      
 Compare Products*       √ 
 Down-loadable Products*       √ 
 Enable Share Buttons**      
 Estimate Shipping*      
 Inventory System**      
    2,900   4,500
*Add 200.00        
**Add 350.00        

Home Page

Custom design of home page only/website. This is the cost for one web page only.


Unlimited fields

4 fields maximum.


Setup Fee $150
Each Language $75

Translates your website into different languages.
Test Languages Here



You must use a Secure Hosting Plan
Memberships are used to restrict parts of your website, or allow certain parts of your website to be accessed based off of the subscription plan purchased.  Memberships will keep track of all subscribers and what plans they have subscribed to.


Subscription Plan Types
Both free and paid subscription plans.
Plan A -subscriptions will be expired after certain time (days, weeks, months, years) or lifetime subscription (never expired).
Plan B - subscription will be expired at certain date in a year (for example, all subscriptions will be expired at 12-31-2016). That's called Fixed Expiration date.
Plan C -Recurring subscription plans (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly). Can setup trial price and trial duration. Recurring subscriptions will be renewed automatically without requiring any action from subscribers.

You can categorize subscription plans into different categories if needed.
Different layout to display subscription plans: Default (List) Layout, Columns (Grid) Layout and Pricing table layout.

Custom, flexible subscription form
Login box displayed on top of subscription form (optional) so that users who have existing account can login before continuing subscription process.
Each subscription plan can has it own set of unlimited, custom fields.
Support 9 different types of custom fields: Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown, Multi-Select, Checkbox List, Radiolist, Datetime, Heading, Message. Fields can be set to "required" or "not required" to complete form.
With powerful custom fee field feature, the price which users have to pay can be calculated based on what options they choose on subscription form.

Flexible Renew Options
For each subscription plan, you can define different renew options to allow subscribers to renew their membership. For example, if you have a subscription plan with subscription length is 30 days and price is $30, you can define other renew options such as 10 days/$10, 20 days/$20, and so on.

Flexible upgrade options
Subscribers can upgrade their membership from a (lower level) subscription plan to a different (higher level) subscription plan.

4 Payment gateways
Paypal, Paypal Pro, Authorize.net and Stripe
.PDF invoices attached to notification emails
Coupon/Discount feature

Powerful Emails Notification System
Notification Emails are sent to you when someone signs up for a subscription plan.
Confirmation Emails sent to users when they subscribe for a plan.
Reminder emails are sent to subscribers X-days and Y-days before their subscription is expired so that they can renew their subscription.
Notification emails are sent to you when subscribers cancel their recurring subscription.

Group/Family Membership
Group/Family Membership plans - A user can sign up for this plan and and add members into the system. These members will all have the same access level but will not be allowed to add members.

Can also be integrated with our Newsletter Service so that when users sign up for a subscription plan, they will automatically be assigned to the selected mailing lists.

User Profiles
Subscribers can access their membership profile and:
Update his profile data
Renew his membership
Upgrade his membership
Cancel his recurring subscription
See his subscription history

Photo Galleries

 All photos are uploaded to one folder only.
The photos scroll to the left.
The photo order depends on how you name the photos.
No text or descriptions are allowed.
The photos cannot be put into categories.


All photos are added individually with its own description.
Any number of photos can displayed and uploaded.
Photos are organized and displayed in categories.
Can be displayed all the same size or different sizes like the demo.


All photos are uploaded to one folder only.
Only one photo can be displayed at a time.
The photo order depends on how you name the photos.
No text or descriptions are allowed.
The photos cannot be put into categories.

Demo    Demo

All photos are uploaded to one folder only.
Any number of photos can displayed at one time.
The photo order depends on how you name the photos.
No text or descriptions are allowed.
The photos cannot be put into categories.


All photos are added individually with their own descriptions.
Any number of photos can displayed and uploaded at one time.
Photos can be organized and displayed in categories.
Front end editing & uploading.
Can be displayed as a "slide show" and start automatically.
Link image to a web page or website.
Able to watermark photos.
Download image button for visitors.
Social Media Like/Share buttons for each photo.
Can enter image "tags" for SEO.
Show number of hits.
Choose when to publish date.


Projects / Portfolio


Unlimited Categories.
Unlimited Projects.
Each project has a main photo, social media share buttons, project date, project category, project description and product image gallery.



Unlimited testimonials
Display: Latest First or Random
Scroller can be on any or all web pages
You manually enter testimonials
No photo

Demo Soon

Unlimited testimonials
Display: Latest First or Random
Scroller comes with or without photo
Scroller can be on any or all web pages
Scroller has "view more" and goes to full page of testimonials
Page of testimonials comes with or without photo
You manually enter testimonials

Demo Soon

Unlimited testimonials
Includes Testimonial Scroller w/Page
Anyone can submit a testimonial on your website
Receive email notification of testimonial
Login to front of website and edit, approve, delete or block as spam

Demo Soon

You Tube Video Gallery

Video player that displays your You Tube channel videos. 
Just upload videos to your channel and they automatically appear on your website.
Several styles to choose from.
Non-flash player.
CANNOT be used with a PRIVATE You Tube channel.
Choose from 5 styles.  See DEMO.